We have three Sunday services and a Wednesday morning healing service. Each service offers a different flavor from the quiet prayerful, contemplative service to the upbeat praise of our Lord. You are welcome to come to any and all of them. Sunday services are held in the main sanctuary.

    • 8:00am Sunday Service – This service is a more quiet prayerful service. It is rich with liturgy and uses a Rite II Eucharistic format. Holy Eucharist (communion) is included with this service. This service uses organ and piano music but does not have a choir.
    • 10:30am Sunday Service – This service is a Rite II Holy Eucharist Service that includes much of the same liturgy as the 8:00am service but adds more music and singing. This service has a choir with piano and organ music.
    • 5:00pm Sunday Service – This service is a Rite III service. It is a very contemporary service boasting a praise band. It still has its Anglican roots and flavor but in a modern approach. It is run and led by young adults. Don’t feel that because the service is run by young people that it is only for young people. This service is for everybody, and all are welcome.
    • 10:00am Wednesday Service – This service is a Morning Prayer service that focuses on the aspect of God’s healing power. The service includes special prayers and, if a priest is available, communion.