International Outreach

In all of our International Efforts, we seek to build relationships and partnerships that lead to and support the planting and growth of communities of believers, e.g., churches.  Here are a few of our international partners.

Anglican Frontier Missions—partners focused on mobilizing the Church for work among the least evangelized peoples around the world

Diocese of Honduras—the companion diocese of the Diocese of Central Florida

El Hogar—our Daughters of the King have adopted this ministry to youth in Honduras, both young men and young women

Fr. Vani—our missionary in Bolahun, Liberia. Fr. Vani is more than 80 years young and an inspiration to many in Liberia and in the US

Brotherhood Orphanage—together with the national Brotherhood of St Andrew our brothers sponsor orphans in a home and school in Uganda

New Wineskins—the Episcopal & Anglican resource for mobilizing missions in the Church

Light from Light—formerly CHAP, this is our connection to contribute to disaster relief in the Caribbean

Samaritan’s Purse—every December our ECW puts out the call for shoeboxes to be sent to needy children anywhere in the world

TEAM—our previous rector Fr. Loren Fox and his wife have joined with The Evangelical Alliance Mission to help partner with missionaries in local churches of Asia

Dong Team—we are part of a network praying for the Dong people in China, an ethnic minority that has only seen the seeds of the Gospel planted in their community

Forty Tales—”the Bible in 40 days”, drafted and revised using material from the believers living among the Dong

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